Who is Grant Bailey and what’s happened to him in Afghanistan?


When the Taliban took hold of Afghanistan again, in August, 2021, the world watched as thousands of people fled.

While so many were looking for a way out, Grant Bailey, a man in his mid-fifties from the south of England, was looking for a way back in.

He is believed to have re-entered the country in September to work for a Non-governmental organisation (NGO) having worked in the country for several years before, Sky News report.

Bailey has been missing since December, sparking fears for his safety. Sky reports that although the Taliban made promises about the safety of many people, not all have been protected.

Sky added that the rights of women and girls have come under threat following UN warnings of women going missing.

Sky also alleged that children have been sold or recruited as soldiers and that some 100 Afgan security force members have been killed since the Taliban took hold of the nation.

What happened to Grant Bailey?

An MP believes the Taliban may have captured Grant Bailey
AFP via Getty Images)

British citizen Grant Bailey went missing in December, shortly before Christmas. However, information has since emerged he is being held by the Taliban.

The Dorset Echo reports that Bailey was arrested at gunpoint hours before he was due to leave the country. It is not currently clear why he was arrested or where he is currently located.

Speaking to the Dorset Echo, Grant’s brother Robin said: “We just need peace of mind either way, until they admit to having him we fear the worst.

“I just want all of the family to know what’s happening particularly for my dad’s sake because he is not well.

“I only found out on Christmas morning when I drove up to my dad’s, who I look after, and put the news on when I saw his name go along the ticker tape at the bottom.

“I thought at first, no it won’t be him but it was.”

What is being done to get Grant Bailey back?

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions on January 12, 2022, Tory MP Richard Drax discussed the movements of Bailey.

He said: “My constituent Grant Bailey went back to Afghanistan in September. He disappeared in December, around Christmas time.

“We think the Taliban have him.”

Mr Drax then asked Prime Minister Boris Johnson if he knew who Bailey was and if he had any information for him or Grant’s family about what the latest developments were.

“Can my right honorable friend [Johnson] advise me and his family whether he knows anything about this man, who has him and what is being done to get him home?”

Johnson thanked Drax before replying: “I will organise a meeting for him with the relevant minister as soon as possible to establish what we can do to help Grant.”

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