When you destroy a woman you destroy generations

Where are the Esthers of our time? What has happened to the Deborahs of this generation? Who has bewitched the Mary Slessors of this present time?
Hmm! Beautiful woman, programmed and decorated for excellent dominion. What has happened to you? Why has thou left thy throne, to live as a beggar in the streets of waste? Oh! Most gracious! Why have you rejected your inheritance, to live like a slave?

#my heart weeps for our generation

The world is not meant to be dominated/ruled by the male folks, alone. God gave women  equal right to dominion and greatness. My mother (biological) will always say, “As a girl child, you can do and live better than males. Gender is not a limitation. The choice is yours”.
Its time the woman arise to take her place.
My heart breaks each time, I see girls/ladies throw themselves on guys, like their whole life depends on them. Some will not mind doing the abominable, hoping the guy will save their ass from misfortune. Hmm! My dear sister, what makes you think you can’t be better?
Who has sown that lie in you? What reasons do you have? Dust yourself and get a life.
You are the only one who doesn’t understand who and what you are. The devil will most times, use a woman when embarking on destruction. That’s because, he knows and understands who she is and what she represents.
God almighty, in time past, used women as medium of deliverance. My love, please awake to the understanding of your original identity, dust yourself and make great impacts that generations to come will thank God for your existence.
#Leave a legacy
Destroy a woman and you destroy generations. Build a woman and you build a world. Arise ladies, Arise women, Take up the mantle, Change the world. The world is gonna witness a new move of glory.
#God bless you
#God bless the female gender
#I believe in the greatness of women
#I believe in you
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