What would you gain if this marriage did not work?



Greetings to you.
Yes. You heard me very well, your marriage must work! For every marriage to “work” and be “successful”, either of the husband or the wife must make the above statement and mean it. Though it is not just a statement, it is a decision and a call for sacrifice.
Marriages in their first five (5) years are usually prone to divorce or separation because one or both of the partners did not take this decision on time. Remember the covenant of marriage is till you are parted by death and not till you are parted by issues of life or challenges. Or is there anything else? Now, I am not forcing you to stay married, but that you might enjoy it as you desire. Please read on!


1). You have already made the choice of a of marriage partner. For instance, assuming you divorce your partner now, what would you gain answering a divorcee…? The pain…? The troubles…? So, THIS MARRIAGE MUST WORK not because of him or her, but because of YOU!
2). You must be willing to forgive your partner even before he or she offends you. Forgiveness is key in any relationship. Truth be told, it is almost impossible for your partner not to offend you in a day seeing that you live together in the same house. So, for how long will you continue to keep resentments waiting for an apology? How long will you continue to count offenses? So, THIS MARRIAGE MUST WORK!
3). You must stop waiting for your partner to apologize before you forgive. Again, you are not forgiving your partner because of him or her, but because you will even feel better forgiving. So, THIS MARRIAGE MUST WORK!
4). You must not insist that your opinions or suggestions must be taken or followed. I don’t mean that you cannot have a say, just make your point and watch (so long as you are sure your opinion is right and the best for the issue at hand). He or she will come back to you when his or her choice fails. You will gain respect which ordinarily won’t come if you argued and insisted on your opinion at first.
5). THIS MARRIAGE MUST WORK because that your friend or parent(s) that is urging you to do this or that to your partner would not be there anymore when the marriage will fail.
6). You must have special day(s) for prayer and fasting concerning your marriage at least once every month (aside from your daily prayers). This is because THIS MARRIAGE MUST WORK! I hope you know that there are lots of forces from within and without that is stationed to make sure that you don’t have a successful home, so the only way to push them aside is to combat them with the ALMIGHTY FORCE!
As I close, please note that the aim of this article is not to make you MANAGE YOUR MARRIAGE, but to empower you to ENJOY YOUR MARRIAGE instead. After all, you accepted to marry your partner because you wanted to spend the remaining days of your life with him or her and that’s why I am calling you to make up your mind that THIS MARRIAGE MUST WORK!
I want to leave you with this question: WHAT WOULD YOU GAIN IF YOUR MARRIAGE DID NOT WORK?
Thanks so much and congratulations!
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