Ten of the most adorable puppy videos of the year that will melt your heart


There’s nothing that quite compares to the delight – and complete chaos – of welcoming a new puppy into the family.

Watching the adorable four-legged bundles of joy figure out the world, and usually chew everything in sight while they’re at it, can be equal parts heart-melting and hilarious. Although they might

From cute pups having their first experiences with music, TV and new food, to clumsy pups who haven’t figured out how to use their little legs yet, to cheeky pups giving their owners the run-around – here are just ten of the best puppy videos from TikTok this year.

9-week-old Pippa loves Adele’s new single

It can be a heart-warming experience to see them discovering the world for the first time. Like this tiny cockapoo who heard Adele through her owner’s Amazon Alexa – and became an instant fan.

Little Pippa was enthralled as soon as she heard Easy On Me, plonking herself down in front of Alexa to listen intently to the soothing notes of the iconic singer.

New sights may seem bewildering at first – eight-week-old cocker spaniel Riley was taken by surprise when the puppy saw rain for the first time.

Kiko enjoyed his very first Puppucino

But it doesn’t take long for the pups to find things they enjoy in life, like Rottweiler Kiko who wasted no time in lapping up his first ever puppuccino.

They might even enjoy a good movie just like their owners – tiny dalmatian Dottie can’t get enough of her favourite film, which is… yep, you guessed it: 101 Dalmatians.

The spotted puppy is obsessed with the Disney classic, and loves watching her doppelgangers on the screen.

However, as any puppy owner will know, it’s not all cute moments. Young pups can cause a whole lot of chaos, and a hilarious TikTok clip showing the daily antics of tiny cockapoo Millie sums it up perfectly.

The naughty puppy can be seen chewing everything in sight, drinking from her owner’s glass, and running riot around the house – all in a day’s work for these fluffy little bundles of energy.

Another cheeky cockapoo was caught scuppering her owner’s attempts to wrap a Christmas present, making multiple attempts to steal the roll of tape before chewing on the wrapping paper.

The cockapoo thinks that present-wrapping is a fun festive game

It can be tricky to get things done when you’re so small though, as this clumsy husky puppy found out. The tiny pup couldn’t quite manage to climb out of her paddling pool, instead tumbling head-over-paws as she struggles to coordinate her tiny legs.

And golden retriever puppy Millie was a tad too ambitious when it came to playtime with her older – and much bigger – siblings. The tiny pup just wanted to get involved in her sister’s wrestling game, but the poor pup was so tiny that her leg-nibbling efforts went completely unnoticed.

Eventually, though, it’s time for puppies to face the big wide world – and these adorable little dachshunds were ready for the task by donning the right attire for the job.

The four puppies were very meticulous in their selections

The four puppies were filmed picking out their very own collars, choosing from a line-up of different colours and picking up their favourite.

And tiny golden retriever puppy Ivy was ready to take adult dog life head-on by being the star of the show on her first day at dog school.

The pup was compared to Marilyn Monroe by TikTok viewers after a video showed her being the centre of attention at her dog day care, making friends with all of the new dogs at playtime.

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