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drug addition

Substance abuse is becoming a global pandemic.Around the world people take in various forms of substance, and most often abuse such substances and regularly take over dose. At henzyword, because we know substance abuse could lead to more bigger problems such as relationship dis-function and other social vices, we help struggling drug addicts fight the scourge of substance abuse and drug dependencies.

We organise forums where people suffering from drug addiction dependencies talk to each other and share their experiences on how substance abuse has impacted their lives in a negative way.

drug addition
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We also share experiences of drug overdose survivors in an effort to understand the impact of drug overdose on individuals social life and social well being and also share various experiences of drug overdose. We also help you through the recovery process and share experiences with you on how withdrawal symptoms can lead one into sliding back to drug dependency. 

Globally weed is the most abused substance in the world, due to its ready availability and cheapness. People who smoke weed rarely see it as substance abuse. They often categorize it as a leisure time drug, which one times to ease their minds from the troubles of the world.

In order for any drug addiction intervention to properly take place, the addict has to first accept that they are addicted to one form of drug or the other and are In need of intervention.