Stunning snaps shortlisted for wildlife prize including whale leaping from water


These breathtaking photos, including a baby elephant amongst its protective peers in Kenya and bighorn rams clashing in Canada, have been shortlisted for the National Wildlife Photo Contest

A baby elephant walks amongst its protective peers to shield it from any danger in Kenya.

Two bighorn rams clash lock horns in a heated battle for dominance in Alberta, Canada.

While in California, USA, a large humpback whale rises above the water, towering behind a fishing boat.

These are just some of the spectacular images which have been shortlisted for the National Wildlife Photo Contest 2021.

The contest, which began five decades ago, celebrates the power of photography to bring together photographers and the public with wildlife.

The National Wildlife Magazine’s photo contest had more than 40,000 entries, with the grand prize going to a photographer who snapped an image of an orangutan escaping a flooded forest floor, highlighting the impact deforestation has on animals.

Scroll down to see the stunning winning images.

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