Striving towards perfection

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Striving to be Perfect


Striving to be Perfect

In relationships, most at times, people strive to be perfect, while in actuality, there is no perfect man or perfect women. We all strive to be perfect, with the hope of someday finding our soul mate or the perfect match. But whom in actuality is that perfect match? He or she might be someone kind and gentle with a good heart and someone tend in loving . The only problem is that when most men or women meet such a person, there often take them for granted and so they fly away looking for someone who would truly give them attention and care.



Most times I often hear women complain oh he broke my heart when the actually fact about the issue is that when the good guy came they ignored him because they felt he was to gentle and kind for their liking. So they end up dating someone who is fun to be with but womanises a lot. Because in most cases women don’t value people who freely give them their love. They instead like people they have to compete for his love.

perfection is something we mould ourselves


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Life is beautiful, live is fun, live is joyous, live is all you want it to be. But perfection is something we mould ourselves into, and not something we naturally came into this world with. No one is actually perfect in all area’s of live, but people can be perfect in certain area’s of life. The key is to know what you actually want and not to be confused by what you see or your material wants.

The sad thing is that when you push aside someone who is really great at understanding what it takes to be in a relationship and actually wants a relationship with you, for someone who just basically wants a long term fling with you, you are bound to get dumped. So why complain about the pain someone else causes you, when all along you have been causing someone else great pain? The key in live is to never look down on anybody no matter how stupidly they may give their love to you. Because some day, you might wake up to realise, that the only person that ever truly loved you, was that person you took for granted.

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