Shock As Man Sneaks Into A Mauritanian Plane And Tries To Hijack It


Plane hijack

File photo

Mauritania’s official press agency and a security source revealed on Thursday that an intruder tried to seize a plane at the airport in the cpuntry’s capital city, Nouakchott before being arrested.

The AMI press agency reported that the man was an “American claiming to have problems with the Mauritanian government”.

A security source said that the individual “sneaked aboard a Mauritanian plane” that had “no passengers aboard.”

He then threatened to blow up the craft, a Mauritania Airlines Embraer used for domestic flights, the source said.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, did not give details of the man’s identity or nationality and could not say whether he really had any explosives.

“He’s been neutralised. Gendarmes managed to overpower him after he refused to give himself up,”
the source told AFP.

AMI also reported that the man had been arrested.

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