Ranking The Device Add-Ons That Set The Internet On Fire


Most people could not afford to buy multiple gadgets and flagship products available in the market. As such, we yearn to enhance the device that we own through software upgrades and quick attachments. Fortunately, many accessories could give us the instant boost we all wanted. This list ranks some device add-ons that went viral from worst to best.

Hands-Free Smartphone Headset

We won’t call a device add-on “dumb” unless it’s a complete downgrade of the technology that everyone enjoys right now. When you hear “hands-free smartphone headset,” you might think of BlueTooth earphones, which have been around for almost a decade. Yet, a company and its mockups launched a product that would make users wear their smartphones on their heads.

Being a complete failure, it’s the first item on our list, which means it’s the worst item anyone could buy out there.

Hairbrush Phone Case

Not everything that had thousands of Facebook likes enjoyed an overwhelming amount of sales. Some are just stupid and funny that everyone would pass it on to their friends to have a good laugh together.

The hairbrush phone case creators probably took inspiration from successful beauty and tech mergers. However, they ended up introducing a horrible combination that every girl would like to stay away from. Not only that it’s not pleasant for anyone’s aesthetic, but having a brush attached at the other end cheapens and ruins the ergonomic design of the smartphone.

Cigarette Lighter Phone Case

This item is dangerous in many ways. Yet, it made its entrance to several eCommerce sites and even Facebook ads for a short while. It’s so bad that even those who need to light up their cigars would cringe at this idea.

This phone case set the internet ablaze as keyboard warriors talked about hundreds of ways one could die from using this. Some even joked that it works best with the Samsung Note 7, another hot subject from several years ago.

The Fidget Spinner Phone Case

In a probable attempt to resurrect the fidget spinner fad, creators tried to fuse it with a phone case. It was a thoughtful idea that one wouldn’t have to place these items in different pockets. However, it didn’t bring in as many sales as fidget spinners alone raked in.

Still, the item turned many heads, and some social media reactions. It’s just that people are no longer into spending money on an overused bandwagon. If only it struck while fidget spinners are hot, they could have gotten rich out of the hype.

The Retro Headset

The good thing about novelty items is that you wouldn’t mind if they don’t solve a pain point for as long as they look beautiful and fun. The perfect example is this fashionable headset that takes the form of a retro fixed telephone. They come in various styles and colors.

When the product launched in some online shops, everyone ignored the fact that it won’t be as useful as its portable counterparts. Our tech people invented mobile phones so that we could communicate using our handheld devices with mobility. Although this is a downgrade that entirely defeats the purpose of having a smartphone, it would look great in your living area that you’ll forget about practicality and sense.

Mobile Phone Lens Attachment

In 2016, mobile phone lens attachments claimed to be perfect DSLR camera replacements went viral. Once you’ve read the marketing copy at that time, and you have zero knowledge of photography, you’ll probably fall for for these $56 clip-ons. Their collection includes fish eye, macro, wide-eye lenses and a telescope.

With millions of views on Facebook, we could say that brands who private-labeled these cheap items made in China acquired a massive amount of traffic and sales. While the quality of images you can get from these clothespin technologies are nowhere near the quality of what a decent digital camera could give, they were fun to use and were terrific enough. At least, that is the case for those who prefer not to bring a colossal camera while traveling.

Flexible Lazy Mobile Phone Holder

For binge-watchers, this smartphone holder that you can hang on your neck is one of the best inventions that we’ll tirelessly recommend. The way it encourages laziness speaks a lot about its awesomeness. You can watch anime on Netflix, metal concerts, and other YouTube videos whenever and wherever you are.

Although it’s unwise for a brand to bulk-produce this item, it’s still a good sell. With this phone holder, you can sit on the couch, lie in any position, or do some household chores without the need to touch your phone. Any item that would indulge the deadly sin sloth is a winning item. If ours broke today, we wouldn’t hesitate to order one again.

Typecase Keyboard Case with Touchpad

At last, an add-on for our bigger devices. Also, it turns out to be the best viral gadget on our list due to its quality, function, and added value!

Typecase is a company specializing in iPad accessories. They had been selling protective cases that bestow your iPad with a keyboard via Bluetooth connection. One of their latest developments, the Typecase Touch, has the trackpad, which turns your iPad Pro 12.9 into a Macbook.

What we just said is not a marketing copy like what mobile lens attachment companies have practiced. For less than $100, this device legitimately helps you with your decision whether to get an iPad or a Macbook. And if you already got an iPad, it cancels out the question of buying a Macbook because you already have this sleek and lightweight iPad keyboard case with a trackpad feature.

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