Lottery player wins big for second time in 5 months with scratch card from same shop


A lucky lottery player has won a huge prize for the second time in just five months – with both instant lottery scratch tickets bought from the same store.

James Courtemanche from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, couldn’t believe his luck as he bagged $88,888 (£51, 840) after winning the top prize.

He was especially surprised as he’d won $100,000 (£58,321) on an Instant Money Match ticket bought from the same store back in August.

“I couldn’t believe it happened again!” he said.

“I purchased this ticket at the same store as my previous win.”

He joked: “I was so surprised – and then I remembered good things happen in 3s, so I’m ready for my next one.”

For now, James plans to be sensible and save his cash, CVT news reports.

He bought the two tickets from the same store (File photo)

He said he doesn’t feel it’s the right time to make plans during the pandemic and is waiting to book a trip.

This comes after a lottery winner revealed how his family ‘cut him off’ after he told them he wasn’t going to share his lottery winnings.

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous 24-year-old man explained that he and his wife buy a lottery ticket every month.

But one month, they got seriously lucky.

“We won big,” he said. “After the lump sum fee and taxes, we won around $5.6 million.”

After paying off any debt, like their student loans, mortgage, and car finance, they were left with around $5 million, approximately £3.6 million.

“What we did was invest 3 million in a combination of mutual funds, REITs, and preferred stock funds for a very steady hands-off extremely low-risk solid return approach.

“With the 2 million we ended up buying a 5 million dollar apartment complex that cashflows and will give a high return with low risk.”

When he first told his family about the news, he thought they would be excited and happy for him and his wife.

But he claims he was no longer welcome in the family after telling them he wouldn’t be sharing the money.

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