Lady with an extra oil can sustain a relationship

A lot of ladies complain that guys walk away from them simply because they refused to give them sex, some are even tempted to give away their virginity just to keep the guys.
*Let me be very blunt here*.
*Virginity* may not be the real reason the guys go away. Yes, no doubt, there are several guys who want sex, and if they don’t get it they walk away. The problem may not be with the virginity or the sex.
The story of the Ten virgins in the Bible reveals that both the wise and foolish were both virgins, the other five were not refused from seeing the bridegroom  because they were virgins or because they lost their virginity, but because they were foolish; they were called foolish because they had no EXTRA OIL.
Most ladies don’t have any EXTRA OIL to sustain any relationship. While many brag about their virginity, that is all they have to offer, they forget that virginity ends the night after the wedding, but *EXTRA OIL is what will keep marriage going.*
If a man ask a lady for sex she says NO, the man can walk away if what he really wanted was sex and also if that is all he thinks the lady can offer him. A man may not come to a lady for sex, along the line he may be tempted to ask for sex, if the lady turns him down, the man may still stay in the relationship if he sees other things that are *valuable* to him, but if he doesn’t, he may walk away.
Before you think guys are walking away because you are a virgin, *look inwardly.*
Some ladies who brag about virginity are somewhat timid, some *impolite, uncultured and aggressive.
* Why would a guy stay with such a lady?
*Some ladies do not have manners, some do not have much upstairs, some are not social, some are dull, and maybe the best thing they have is their hips, nice backside, nice breast and nice lips,and so when a guy comes because of all the physical shapes and wants sex, if he is turned down, he walks away because there is nothing else interesting about the lady.
Most men now are even scared of marrying such virgins. Their fears prompt them to want to test before they discuss marriage because many ladies who got married as virgins have caused their husbands to be looking elsewhere because they are too naive on bed.
However, *you don’t need to test to be sure she will be good, you can know a lady who will be good at home and bed by her decent conversation, by the level of knowledge acquired, by her quest/zest passion for knowledge and by God’s leading.
I know of many ladies who are still virgins, they have great relationships, they have many friends around them, you may not even know they are still virgins unless they tell you. *Do not break your virginity because a guy wants to walk away,* unless you don’t have anything else to offer in the relationship.
It is not all about virginity, work to build up virtue. Virginity is good, but to your virginity, add knowledge, add *EXTRA OIL….*“And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith, virtue; and to virtue, knowledge; to knowledge, temperance; and to temperance, patience; to patience, godliness, And to godliness, brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness, charity.”
2 Peter 1:5-7. Virginity or no virginity…,do you have any Extra oil to sustain a relationship?
*Ponder on this my distinguished ladies*
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