Indonesia earthquake: Buildings rocked by 6.7 magnitude tremor near Jakarta


A magnitude 6.7 earthquake has rocked Indonesia, with terrified people forced to flee buildings as the ground rocked.

Tremors were felt at least 100 miles way, witnesses have said.

Indonesia’s meteorology agency (BMGK) said the earthquake hit 32 miles off Banten province at a depth of 10 km, but did not have the potential to cause a tsunami.

In Jakarta, the tremors were felt strongly. Jakarta resident and nanny, Ani, 38, said: “I was very scared, suddenly there was a quake and it was so strong.

“When I felt it I directly grabbed my employer’s baby and ran downstairs.”

The quake was also felt in the province of West Java and in Lampung, on Sumatra island.

The 6.6 magnitude quake struck in Indonesia

Indonesia straddles the so-called “Pacific Ring of Fire“, a highly seismically active zone, where different plates on the earth’s crust meet and create a large number of earthquakes and volcanoes.

Last month, a 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck eastern Indonesia, triggering a tsunami warning and also sending
residents fleeing from their homes but causing only minor damage.

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