I lost my virginity at 17 years, why wait for sex?


At the age of 17, I lost my identity as a virgin along with the gift of physical intimacy that was meant only for my spouse and I.

I awoke the insatiable desire that was supposed to be explored only in the confines of marriage thus giving the devil a gold card access to slowly begin to destroy me.

Being a virgin used to be a sign of purity but all that is history in this perverse generation. Judging from the sexually suggestive things we see everywhere, it would seem like there is no reason to wait anymore.

People are being turned on just by the mere mention of the word SEX.

Relationships aren’t what they used to be anymore because these days, there’s really no difference between dating and marriage;

trust is betrayed, destinies destroyed and shattered because everyone now wants to be pleasured sexually but no one is willing to wait for the right moment.

Marriages are constantly broken because the gift of physical intimacy is being stolen by the devil through the insatiable sexual desire long before the wedding.

Innocent babies are murdered because of the lack of self-control of their supposed parents.

Our eyes and ears are molested everyday with premarital sex promotion. The essence of sex has been degraded from being a gift from God to the married to being the devil’s favorite tool of destruction for the singles.

What happened to God’s word, “Marriage is honorable with the bed UNDEFILED?!? Do you remember this? “For this is the will of God that you should be consecrated (separated and set apart for pure and holy living);

that you should abstain and flee from all SEXUAL vices, that each of you should know how to control your own body in purity and honor not to be used in the passion of lust like the unbelievers

who are ignorant of the true God and have no knowledge of his will” (1 Thessalonians 4:3-5).

We are now being led by our opinions and desires instead of the Holy Spirit. Some are not even willing to admit that this is a sin.

They are so consumed with having their way and justifying their sinful actions that they surround themselves with people who cheer them to destruction. Others keep trying to leave only to fall back even deeper. I did that too; kept trying, failing and falling.

Sex may appear cheap and free, those desires longing to be satisfied but it will cost you more than you bargained for. Don’t think because you haven’t had the actual penetration, you are “holy” enough to condemn others who have fallen.

There is really no difference between a prostitute who sleeps around for money, one who is double dating, the one who is faithful to someone who isn’t his/her spouse yet and the “virgin” who enjoys all other sexual pleasures aside from the actual penetration.

It’s all the same in the sight of God; SEXUAL IMMORALITY!!! Remember that this is an individual race. We’d all die someday and then comes judgement. What will be God’s verdict about you concerning this matter?

Everyone may be doing it but God is calling you out today to be his true sons and daughters. Show him you love him by obeying his command through the help of his Holy Spirit.

God rewards those who diligently seek him. It’s a lie from the pit of hell to justify premarital sex by saying that you have to test your sexual compatibility, sexual chemistry and all other pathetic excuses.

God created you. Don’t you think he knows what would be best for you? A product no matter how valuable, doesn’t tell its manufacturer how it should be handled. You are his masterpiece.

Don’t love pleasuring yourself and indulging your desires so much that you find yourself in hell. This life is temporary and though it may not seem like it, it’s coming to an end soon. Every decision you make each day either brings you a step closer to hell or heaven.

How much more are you willing to lose just to keep yourself satisfied? No matter how far you’ve gone, it’s not too late to turn around and step right into God’s divine purpose concerning sex and your life as a single; letting the holy spirit lead you.

I thought I was living and having fun but the truth is I was dead even though I appeared to be breathing. Admitting my guilt, turning to God to save me and trusting his holy spirit to guide me each day saved my life.

One thing God does is to restore what’s been lost. He restored all i lost and even more. He can do the same for you. You can either choose to keep sinning or walk to God.

The choice is YOURS till you draw your last breath. Seek God and walk free or seek temporary satisfaction and stay chained. There is still a reason to wait.

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