Husband Renews wife’s energy through Natural way

He walked in the house only to find his wife angry, deflated, moody, irritable, frowning and with a long face.
“Hey love” he greeted her as he placed the newspaper on the table.
“Hey” she said with a dull tone. She was struggling to remove her shoes.
“You’ve just arrived?” He asked her as he went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water.
“Yes” she answered.
“The kids?” he asked.
“They are upstairs. Changing clothes and taking a bath” she answered as she stood up dragging her feet to place her shoes at the corner near the door.
“Are you OK?” He asked her.
“Yes” she answered.
“No you’re not. You don’t sound and look OK. Come on. Talk to me?” He asked as he moved closer to her.
“Aah! You and your many questions. Can’t you just let me be? I have had a really bad day and I am not in the mood” she said.
He looked at her as she walked past him and went to the kitchen where she banged things in the sink.
“What are you doing? You want to start cooking?” He asked her as he followed her.
“What does it look like I am doing? Some of your questions are childish. Too much” she told him.
“Don’t start cooking now. Come. Let’s go to the bedroom” he requested, grabbing her hand.
“It’s late. I need to start cooking or the kids will sleep late. I have no time” she declined.
“If it’s sex. I am not in the mood” she told him off as she reached in the kitchen cabinet to pick up a packet of rice.
“My love. Please” he pleaded reaching out for her hand.
She gave him her hand. He held her by the waist as they climbed up the staircase.
They entered inside the bedroom. He closed the bedroom door.
“Will you join me for a moment of worship? Let’s kneel and worship God for a few minutes” he requested.
They both knelt on the floor and started to worship. He started singing and she joined him.
They broke out into whispers to God. She started crying as she fixed her eyes on Jesus. She shook her head side to side, clapping, lifting hands, deep in worship.
“Honey, talk to God about what happened today. Tell Him about your long day” he whispered to her.
Her lips moved. No sound from her lips. Eyes closed. Tears flowing down her cheeks.
A smile returned back to her face.
She held his hands and prayed.
“Thank You my Heavenly Father for Your throne of grace and mercy, for lifting up my burdens, for being my rock. Thank You for giving me such an amazing husband who reminds me of worship when life’s issues overwhelm me, who points me back to You when I am busy focusing on the meaningless struggles of earthly life, my career and the hustle and bustle that can easily distract. This is what I love to do, to lift up Your name no matter how good or bad my day is. And as I worship You, I feel better, You lift up my countenance, I gain back strength, I smile again, You sort things out. I will not worry. Forgive me for how I treated my husband earlier when all he was trying to do is to care for me. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen” she prayed.
“Amen” he concluded the prayer with her.
He kissed her forehead.
“You look and sound much better. I forgive you Darling. Life has it’s ups and downs. You may not feel like talking to me sometimes, but please, talk to God. Let everything else wait, talk to God. Don’t be so busy living life when worship awaits you” he told her.
She moved closer to him and kissed his lips passionately.
They sat on the bedroom floor, his back leaning on the bed, she leaning on him as they kissed some more.
They cuddled. There.
She opened up to him and told him all the struggles she had during the day. How she got into a misunderstanding with mother, how things didn’t go as planned, the pressure at work, the car accident she had driving home, the amount of duties in need of her attention at home.
She felt safe in his arms. Laughing. Smiling.
“OK Honey, let’s go cook. I will help you cook” he told her.
They got up.
Walked downstairs to the kitchen.
They made jokes and sung as they cooked.
Their children watched mom and dad in a good mood and joined them.
Dinner was ready much faster and it was more fun making it.
They ate as a family.
Went to bed peaceful and happy ready for a new day.
Worship is powerful. Lifting up the Lord, does wonders in you. Pause for a while. Take a moment to worship. You will be better, your marriage and home will be touched by God.
Focus on the God who doesn’t change, not your temporary situations.
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