How to build a healthy relationship with your children 

Parent should have time for their kids, no matter how busy they are. Know what your children like & dislike; when your children start asking you questions like mummy do you know my best color, when last did you and Dad take us out to eat pop corn, when last did you ask me to bring my notebooks for you to check etc. Just know that you have started failing as parents. To build a healthy parents- children relationship, helps in creating a happy home.
Don’t be too hard on your children and also don’t pamper them too much. Make a good relationship with your kids by being their best friends so that when they start having boyfriends/girlfriends they will be confidence enough to tell you especially the mothers.
• Work to develop caring and loving relationship with kids
• Spend regular time together
• Start meaningful conservation with them
• Be a strong moral role model and mentor
• Take care of them and listen to them etc


• Tell your children you love them always.
• Play with your children. Establish  specific name or code word between you and your children.
• Teach your children about your faith.
• Assign responsibilities to your children.
• Pray as well as Eat meals as a family.


1. PARENTAL ATTENTION; Some parents don’t dim it fit to attend their children open day ,this is very bad of such parents. You may say *Am busy* *But let me ask you this question,Who are you working for?* obviously it is the children so why can’t you spend 30 minutes in three months and see what you are even paying for?
It is an opportunity to know how your children behave in school. Some fathers don’t even know their children’s class, where they sit in class. Don’t allow the fortune you are gathering to be scattered by children you didn’t train. Build that relationship.
2. HOME TRAINING; Teach your child, how to greet elders. Many children nowadays don’t greet, they will be looking at elders as if expecting the elders to greet them. Please we should teach them from their very tender age how to greet.
3. DISCIPLINE; When your child is doing something wrong , please no matter how you love them, discipline them – with love, don’t be too hard or soft on them.
 4. MENTORSHIP ; Practice what you preach. You are a mirror to your children ask yourself what are they seeing through me, is it Lying, Stealing, Cursing, Gossiping, Fighting etc. Don’t engage in argument with spouse in front of your children. You can discipline your kids as harsh as you want but if your life doesn’t portray what you are teaching them then you are wasting your time. Yeah they might be afraid to do those things in your presence but behind they will do exactly what they see you do or act or even. Worse – Kids imitate acts more


1) A child who has a secure relationship with parent learns to regulate emotions under stress and in difficult situation.
2) Parental Bonding promote a child’s mental, linguistic and emotional development
3) Help the child exhibit optimistic and confident social behavior
Parent should learn not to show favoritism among their children; this will bring hatred, strife, conflict etc among the children. Love them equally. Don’t Destroy what you build.
Children of nowadays are very fast in assimilation, they learn from their parents, peer group and environment. If you train them in the way of the Lord, they shall not depart from it.
Let’s not be covered by “computer age” what’s good is good and what’s bad is bad.Teenagers are not expected to be in intimate relationship. Don’t handle their relationship issues with kids glove, rather with “Wisdom & Caution” as any wrong move will lead them totally astray. Channel their feelings of being in a relationship right, don’t let them seek for love outside; also help them build a healthy relationship with their friends.
Be your children’s best friend, don’t treat, chase or criticise them harshly. Welcome and let them feel free, interact with them especially about Sex and Relationship at their early age, spell out their implications. Always assure them you are the best person they can talk to. Remember, if you shun them, they would continue behind without knowing the consequences. They will be living a Trial-and-error life & only very few come out unburnt.
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