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Don’t die in silence, speak Out, communication is the key to every relationship. Communicate how you feel to your partner at all times.

Because we ensure we impact positively in the lives of married individuals, Single couples and the world in general. At Henzyword we ensure we put you on the right path to have not just a stable home and relationship, but a healthy live style free of abuse and other vice. We also work with individuals suffering from substance abuse and other unhealthy life styles such as sex addiction and masturbation issues.

Relationship Impacts

Good People With Good words.


Cheating in marriage is a universal phenomenon. Some reasons people cheat include Sex denial at home, influence from peers, individual lustful desires, , spouse uncaring attitude and more.

Joel Stan


There is no perfect family. We do not have perfect parents, we are not perfect, we do not marry a perfect person or have perfect children. So there is no healthy family without the exercise of forgiveness.

Henry Buyon

KNOW YOURSELFWhen you hear someone saying that they left their banking job and started a business and today they’re billionaires, please, if you do not know yourself, do not try same method.

Nikki Kinsey



The Strive for perfection

In relationships, most often at times we strive for the perfect match.But what if our perfect match doesn’t exist? What if We have to create our perfect match in other for them to match us perfectly? As such we create an atmosphere where people can share past experiences in how to best perfect communication in a relationship to yield the desire results.

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Celebrity Scoop

Because we know how important it is to nurture our inner most talents, we give you a sneak peak of celebrity life styles and the intrigues surrounding their carrier and live behind the big screen.Keep a date with us daily to get you daily celebrity gist, that will not only entertaining but also informative.

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Taking the bold step to confront your fears

Extreme fear of the unknown could cause anxiety. Anxiety in turn could cause sleeplessness and restlessness. Talk our therapist today and gain impact-full experience on how to over come your Phobia and anxiety. We are here to ensure you live a healthy life. But intervention start with you seeking solutions by sharing the issues that troubles you.

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Upcoming Events

We would be organising a chat on how to handle substance abuse and drug addiction. Substance abuse and drug addiction, has ruined the lives of many young vibrant youths around the world, and it is only necessary to look into the issue head long and offer solutions to this challenging age long menace.

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drug abuse addition
drug addition

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