Harrowing moment man, 56, fatally gored by a charging cow at bull-running festival


Harrowing video shows the moment a man was fatally gored by a charging heifer at a festival in Spain.

The 56-year-old was rushed to hospital after being thrown in the air on the end of the animal’s horns and dumped on the ground.

He suffered severe head injuries as he crashed back down on the pavement where he had been standing and was stabilised after being admitted to an intensive care unit but died after his condition worsened.

The drama happened in Puerto Serrano in the south-west Spanish province of Cadiz, a ten-minute drive from Montellano in the neighbouring province of Seville where he hailed from.

The dead man is believed to be only the second person to be fatally gored during an annual festival in Spain involving bulls and heifers since the start of the Covid pandemic.

The footage was taken in Puerto Serrano in the south-west Spanish province of Cadiz

A 55-year-old man became the first person to die during a bull goring in Onda in the eastern Spanish province of Castellon at the end of October last year.

The Fira de Onda festival where the incident took place had been cancelled the previous year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

A heifer believed to have been aged just over a year, sometimes used at Spanish festivals because they are considered less dangerous than bulls, was involved in the latest drama.

Footage taken by an onlooker showed showed revellers running for safety as the animal was let loose in a penned area while others lifted up brightly coloured capes as it charged them.

The first name and initials of the man who died, J.R.A, have only been released. Friends knew him by his nickname of Pepe although his first name was Jose.

The man died as a result of the goring

Pepe was well-known on the circuit as someone who travelled round the region recording events like the one where he was fatally injured to post on YouTube.

He appeared rooted to the spot as the animal sprinted towards him and a man beside him managed to squeeze through the wooden barriers to get to safety.

A young girl also beside him ran as he was lifted up in the air and turned upside down before falling headfirst.

Onlookers released straight away he was seriously injured, with one shouting out: “Oh my god, it got him hard.”

Puerto Serrano town hall said in a tweet after learning of Pepe’s death in hospital on Monday two days after he was gored: “We have been told by his family that Montellano resident J.R.A aged 56, who was seriously gored on Saturday, has lost his fight for life in hospital.

Animal rights groups have voiced their horror at the treatment of bulls

“He was recording the event and suffered important head injuries which led to a worsening of his condition.

“The mayor and councillors have been in permanent contact with his loved ones and would like to transmit in the name of all in Puerto Serrano our most sincere condolences. Rest in peace.”

Spanish animal welfare party PACMA, referring to the animal as a bull, said in a statement: “A man has died after being gored in Puerto Serrano in the province of Cadiz by a bull, which, desperate and in a state of panic, was trying to escape.”

It also said tauromaquia, which is the Spanish name for duels including bullfighting involving humans and bulls, implied “suffering and death for animals and a great danger for people” and concluded in a tweet: “It should be banned.”

Before the coronavirus pandemia several revellers were gored to death every year at Spanish festivals involving bulls being let onto the street including the Pamplona-style ‘encierros.’

In 2015 seven people died between the start of July and the middle of August.

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