Greedy Labrador’s priceless reaction to eating an orange slice goes viral


People with brothers and sisters will know what it’s like growing up and needing to have everything your siblings had – whether it was the same number of biscuits, or the same gadgets.

And one dog, out of sheer stubbornness and spite, refuses to be left out of anything his brother is involved in – even if he doesn’t actually want to be himself.

In a TikTok video uploaded by @ msdiffie, the Labrador cross, called Jake, is presented with a tangerine segment.

The frosty-faced dog sniffs at the fruit but it’s obvious that they don’t want to take it from their owner’s hand.

In a TikTok video uploaded by @msdiffie, the Labrador cross, called Jake, is presented with a piece of orange – and he’s not keen
TikTok video uploaded by @msdiffie)

The video read: “Ever seen a dog know he doesn’t like something but eats it cause brother got some?”

The woman passes his Staffy brother, named Blue, a slice of the tangerine, and all of a sudden, Jake’s interest piqued.

He takes the fruit slice but instantly makes a face that shows his utter disgust, heaving and spitting it out onto the floor.

The video has gone viral on the video sharing app, racking up 5.9 million views.

But citrus fruits aren’t the only treat that Jake turns his nose up at – he’s done the very same with a slice of apple too.

It’s safe to say that the Lab just doesn’t want to eat his fruits and veggies.

Jake made a disgusted face when he decided to eat the orange after his brother did

Viewers couldn’t help but relate, and said their dogs do the same thing, too.

One said: “Mine politely take a treat they don’t like and then drop it on the floor after they walk away.”

“My oldest used to hate veggies and fruit but since her baby brother joined the fam she likes everything just like him,” added another.

Jake isn’t the only dog to throw a tantrum over food either, in fact, golden retriever Mango was left fuming after being served up a measly portion of kibble.

Although she was put on a diet by her vet, that does little to appease Mango, who flashes her owner a desperate look when she realises that the small amount poured into her food bowl is all she’s getting.

The short-changed dog gathered a lot of sympathy from viewers, with one person declaring: “Mango – I’m coming to rescue you!”

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