Fear, drug addiction


Learn to Conquer your fear

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Fear, drug addiction


Conquer your Fears

Most times in live we limit ourselves by what we fear, the fear of the unknown is what few people call it. But why should we be afraid of the unknown if they are yet unknown to us? As children growing up, when you watch horror movies, you tend to have sleepless nights, the horror figures in the movies are out to get you. Thus you create this imaginary mind set that what you watched in the movies are actually in the dark corners of your house. But when you become older, you come to realize that its only a movie and that such monsters don’t actually exist. Then you begin to break free from the nightmare horror movies cause. That’s just basically how real life is.


Learning to overcome

In breaking free from your fears, you need to first be determined to overcome such fears. Now the major question you need to ask yourself is this. What am I afraid of? And why am I afraid of what am afraid of? So what are you afraid of? Are you afraid of falling in love, or going into a relationship or even starting a new job? And if you are afraid of going into a relationship, falling in love, or starting a new job, why are you afraid of it?

Learning to overcome


Growing strong

Sometimes, our fears a generated as a result of our past experiences. What happened to our last relationship, how much effort did we put into try to make the relationship work, and why we have decided never to put ourselves in such situations again.


Everyone in life has something they are afraid of, no matter how hard they try to hide it. Some are afraid of their financial feature going forward. Some are afraid they may never be worthy. Some are even afraid they wont make it to heaven. But we all have something we are afraid of, no matter how little.