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Randy Evangelist who sleeps with married women exposed by hacker on his Facebook account

A Popular Evangelist Ositadinma Muolokwu exposed by hacker on his Facebook timeline. All his chats with over 10 married women exposed.
The hacker waited till past 11 pm Saturday night to unleash this on the preacher. I can’t tell if the preacher went on Facebook this morning before going to church yesterday. Was he probably jumping from one corner of the pulpit to the other without knowing that a hacker has taken over his Facebook account?
The hacker screenshot about ten (10) detailed chats between him and married Women and they were too raw!
This is so embarrassing. These Women’s marriages are over! I guess Evangelist Ositadinma cover is blown and his ministry heading to relegation henceforth.
We are all sinners, I can’t judge and say let us stone him and the Women, God has already allowed them to be disgraced for lying with his name by claiming what they are not through the hacker who just exposed and disgraced them but then let he who is without sin…
If he were just a single Man or the Women single and weren’t forming holy ghost filled and him not claiming what he isn’t just to use Church as business. If he was just flirting or sleeping with numerous women whether single or married,
it may not be this bad, but that title EVANGELIST and “DADDY G.O”, seeing fake visions and making false prophecies is over for him.
Church has been mocked too much. He didn’t even have a single decorum to flirt with one woman. One or two wasn’t enough for him. Lets just say he was tempted by flesh as we all get tempted as humans and have secret sins with one or two, but ten (10) and counting?
 He is just sending more souls to hell than the ones he saved, that is if he is saved any.
May God forgive all of us. His timeline is looking like the judgement day!
Check comment section for the Church flier of one of his concubines, she too Pastors a Church.
End time, missionary work extended to the other room.

Evang Ositadinma, you alone and 10 married women and counting?

1. Pastor mrs Happiness Chidi
2. Odedo Prettybino Ifeyinwa
3. Evangelist Ginikachi
4. Onyenucheya Ijeoma
5. Chioma Nwachukwu
6. Amaka Joy
7. Ngozi Uche
8. Ada Normal Jane
9. Eze Ujunwa
10. Mercy Yameeh
All parties are married, none is single! Yet society makes the Single ladies appear like being single means irresponsibility and being married means decency. Anyone can be descent without a husband just like anyone can be wayward with a wife or husband!  A lesson to all!
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