Solid Depression remedy among our youth

Depression is eating deep into many individuals especially between the ages of 22-40. You worry about the future, finances, a life partner, you feel unworthy and unfulfilled because of Social media push, your dreams etc.
Parents, get closer to your Children.
Understand their mood, know and get through their challenges with them, be their confidant. You’re not only in their Lives for Morning devotions, beating for getting pregnant/becoming a cultist, providing shelter and food. They also need to be fed Emotionally.
Partners in relationship or marriage, connect with your spouse Spiritually, mentally and emotionally so as to discern your partner’s mood. Not every time Sex, Club, Suya and Pool.
Friends, if you call yourself someone’s “bestie” please pay attention to them, don’t be a Fair weather friend that only wants to turn up for Shows and know time for the next shopping.
No observation, no attention, almost everyone is becoming selfish rather than selfless.
Pay attention to people around you, pay attention to their words and status/write-up, check on your strong friends because they might be going through a tough battle they can’t talk about until you compel them to.
Let’s drop this ideology of  ” Everyone has his/her own cross to carry.
If you can’t help Financially, your prayers, kind words, Love, attention and time would give that person hope again.
Notice their mood swings, anger, irritability, feeling of incompetence, intense sadness, statements of death/suicide, loss of appetite and weight loss, difficulty in concentrating because these are all symptoms of Depression.
People are dying silently and all they need is LOVE. So please filter your words before uttering them, Cross-check your actions before displaying them. Don’t make anyone feel worthless because you won’t be happy with yourself when that person is no more.
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