Dachshund puppy hilariously recreates scene from The Secret Life of Pets


An adorable sausage dog puppy has featured in an amusing recreation of a scene from The Secret Life of Pets.

Daphne the wiener dog has been watching the 2016 film which features the voices of celebrities such as Kevin Hart, Steve Coogan and Jenny Slate.

In a TikTok video, the dachshund is seen recreating a whisk scene from the Universal Pictures movie.

In the film Buddy, a laid-back chocolate and tan daxie, hops onto the kitchen counter when his humans leave the house and uses the electric stand mixer to massage his long back.

The pup, voiced by Hannibal Buress, loves the relaxing ‘spa’ treatment so much, he even rolls onto his back for a tummy rub before falling off the counter.

The scene in The Secret Life of Pets
TikTok @daphne_the_wiener)

Daphne, a mini black and tan dapple daxie, from California, USA, got a whisk massage herself as her owners attempted to recreate the clip.

The nine-month-old puppy sniffs at the whisk before doing a little excited spin.

Her owner then massages her back with the kitchen utensil, with Daphne rather enjoying the attention, much like her doppelganger, Buddy.

Daphne the wiener dog recreating The Secret Life of Pets
TikTok @daphne_the_wiener)

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the pup, with dozens of users tagging their friends and partners in the comments vowing to try it with their own sausage dogs.

Daphne isn’t the only canine film-buff entertaining the internet either.

An impossibly cute TikTok video saw two-year-old German shepherd watching 101 Dalmatians and attempting to copy Pongo.

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In the clip, cheeky Dalmatian Pongo stole Roger’s hat in the park and shook it, and as he ragged it in his mouth, Daisy followed his lead and did the exact same with her toy from her living room.

She did so with such impeccable timing, it seemed as though she’d watched and copied the film many times before.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of this lovestruck pup, with one saying it was the “best thing I’ve seen today”.

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