Confession of a lady who stole her boyfriend’s money



I need your help, please don’t judge me.

I school in one of the higher institutions in Nigeria which name I don’t want to mention. I am a 27 years old and I live with my boyfriend off campus we’ve been living together for close to three years now he loves me so much that he can do anything for me, the apartment I stay with my boyfriend is a two bedroom apartment I and my boyfriend stay in one room while his two brothers stay in the other room, we live happily even his brothers likes me too.

It all started last March when I asked him for money for my tuition fee,he told me to hold on that he needed to fix part of his business that the money will be giving to me ASAP although he has always assisted me even though my parents still gives me money for my school fees and every other thing, but that period I needed money since he told me to hold on I couldn’t do anything but to obey him.

While I was dressing up for school, in his wardrobe I saw two bundle of money in #1000 Denomination to be precise, then I said to myself but he said he has no money could it be he just don’t want to give me this money, that day I was so tempted that I had to remove two piece from each bundle, that was how my problem started,from then on and on I started stealing money from him and when I do because he so much loves me he never accused me of that rather he accuses his brothers and oftentimes they fight over it, this even gave me the go ahead to steal more because I know he will never accuse me of stealing from him, in short he won’t even imagine it.

Just last month I took money worth #150000 he hid somewhere in the room, just to be free from suspicion I told him I won’t be coming home till next week that I have to stay over at the campus to prepare for a test which he agreed later that day I sneaked into the house since I had an extra key and took the money, when I came back the following week I couldn’t find his brother and I asked of their where about he told me that the police have arrested them and I was like for what he said the stole his #150000 and they have been in detention for three days now he threatened that until they confess where the money is he won’t let them go,I quickly went to see them at the station my God this guys have been tortured I felt the guilt within me.

Am tempted to confess so that at least his brothers will be left off the hook but am just so afraid if I do my boyfriend might chase me away and his brother will just hate me forever, his family will see me as a thief please is there any way I can go about this without losing my boyfriend? I love him so much am just confused I want his brothers out and the only way to get them out fast is to confess I stole the money, put yourself in my shoes and see how hard it is to make such confession. I will be reading your comments.

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