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Break up in a Relationship and What Goes Through Our Mind 


Break up in a relationship is scary when it is coming. Occasions arise when it is healthier to break off any relationship than to keep it going. Some couples become wrapped up in each other that they fail to see the danger signals that could wreck their future. Here are few things you need to know during the period of break up.

The thoughts of break up is a very scary one especially when you see it coming, it is depressing especially if there is nothing you can do about it but you can at least avoid begging people who don’t want to stay in your life any longer than they have, begging them makes it harder to face reality, cheapens you, lowers your standard above all makes you feel worthless

During break ups, you will be tempted to apologize for even mistakes that ain’t yours, as a way of keep people against their will, but this only puts them on a edge over you, like feel in control hence you loose control over your own emotions

During break ups, you are bound to have memories of times spent together with this person, pondering on this memories wont help you, hence you’ve to accept what is for what it really is

You are going to come across opportunities to date just when you are handling a break up, avoid it, it only promises you comfort but never offers real comfort, only staying single for a while and making a decision to forge on is the real comfort.

During break ups, you will be tempted to go wild, lousy, naughty, loosed but I tell you something, that isn’t who you are, don’t let a situation turn you into who you are not. Bow out gracefully with your self esteem intact. Cheers as you learn from this words.

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