Boy dies and girl in coma from ‘poisoning’ after vaping together at sleepover


A schoolboy has died and a teen girl is in a coma from “poisoning” after vaping together during a sleepover, police have reportedly said.

Denis Shnayder, 12, could not be saved and his sister’s friend Anastasia R, 17, is clinging to life in a coma in hospital, local media reported..

The boy’s sister Viktoria, a student, was also admitted for medical treatment after the trio were found by Anastasia’s grandmother in the morning.

All three of them were found unconscious in a flat in Russia’s southern city of Biysk.

“They had all consumed smoking mixtures with an electronic device,” said Lyudmila Ryazantseva, of the Russian Investigative Committee.

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Schoolboy Denis Shnayder, 12, could not be saved
Social media/east2west news)

In one video caption, Viktoria wrote: “I vape all day until I get sick”
Social media/east2west news)

“They were found unconscious the following day.

“The girls were rushed to hospital…

“Unfortunately the boy could not be saved.”

The girls remain in hospital, with Anastasia in intensive care.

A criminal case has been opened into whether negligence was a factor in Denis’s death.

Denis’s sister Viktoria (pictured), 18, is in hospital after the poisoning
Social media/east2west news)

Officials are also investigating whether there was a failure of parental supervision.

Viktoria had posted under a video on social media: “I vape all day long until I feel sick.”

The case has prompted demands for tougher controls on vaping to protect young Russians.

“If children are dying from vaping, then the current law equating this to cigarettes is not enough,” said MP Denis Svishchev, head of the Russian parliament’s sports committee.

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MPs called for a total vaping ban (Pictured: Denis (left) and his sister Viktoria (right))
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