Atyap people urge government to end Zangon Kataf crisis


The Atyap Community Development Association (ACDA), Zangon Kataf Local Government Area of Kaduna State, has called on government at all levels to urgently save the Atyap Chiefdom against what it called “total carnage and genocide” by suspected Fulani militias.

DAILY POST recalls that the Atyap Chiefdom has witnessed a series of attacks leading to the loss of lives, burning of houses and the destruction of property.

A statement issued by the ACDA President, Mr Samuel T. Achie, said, “Our attention has been drawn to a highly traducing and injurious campaign of calumny against the Atyap people concocted and orchestrated by one Nura Bako Zango. This is considered a tort of grievous legal consequences. In his spurious narrative, a lot of frivolous, baseless, and sentimental issues were raised with the sole aim of whipping public sympathy against the Atyap ethnic group. For these reasons, we want to set the records straight and to make bare to the general public what has been happening to us the Atyap for men and women of good conscience act.”

The statement registered its sympathy to the people of Zango Urban and the Atyap communities living around them for the disruption in businesses and the psychological trauma that accompanied the attempted attack by the unknown gunmen.

According to the statement, “This is, however, the sad reality the Atyap people have had to live within total carnage and genocide as against the attempted attack on Zango Urban as alleged by Nura. The horrific experience of the indigenous Atyap nation is virtually a daily affair with hardly any timely military intervention. In over 95% of all attacks against the Atyap there is but a complete absence of security intervention.”

Achie lamented that to say that the attempted attack on Zangon Urban was made by Atyap “terrorist militia” is unreasonable, stressing that the attempts on Zango Urban were not carried out by the Atyap people.

“Consequently, until Nura is able to prove beyond all doubts that such attempts were perpetrated by the Atyap, our people will reserve the right to take legal action against him in the law courts to redeem our tarnished name and image and secure an appropriate remedy,” the statement explained.

The association observed that as unfortunate as the event of the night in question is, it stressed that the attack is but a child’s play compared to it called “the genocidal putsch” against the Atyap which has been continuously going on for more than a year and a half now.

The ACDA said the Atyap people have learned to bury their dead, nurse the wounded and resettle the displaced without even words of commiseration from the authorities.

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The statement noted that in sharp contrast to the attempted attack in Zango Urban, the Atyap killers are well-known dwellers of Zango Urban and their newly settled guests – the Fulanis.

It alleged that the marauders carry out their genocide with fanfare and arrogance as they call most of their victims by their name telling them to come out before slaughtering them.

The statement explained, “In many instances, they taunt our people saying “Mu muke da gwamnati” (Our people are in government) or “Masun gwamnati sun zo” (Those in government have come!”) While Nura cannot prove his claim of the Atyap involvement in the attempted attack, we don’t want to believe that his memory is so short not to remember the recently arrested 12 Hausa-Fulani youths from Zango Urban paraded with sophisticated weapons after a search was carried out a day after a very serious exchange of fire between the Hausa- Fulani gun-men and the military at Fabwang (Ung/Tabo) in one of the few days military intervention against the Atyap pogrom came early.”

The statement alleged that the gunmen ran back to Zango Urban that night, adding that those arrested were from Zango Urban, not from the Atyap people.

It added that among them is a Hausa man known for sewing military uniforms for the Hausa-Fulani terrorists residing in Zango Urban, asking, between the Atyap community and the Hausa-Fulani community of Atyap Chiefdom, who are the terrorists?

The statement alleged that it is no longer news that there is high-level genocide taking place in Atyap land against communities inhabited by the Atyap, saying that within one week, between November 4 to12, 2021, the Atyap people have lost the following number of people across various villages such as: Yagbak, one person on 4th November, Ahbuyap, 10 persons on 4th November,
Ashaawuce, three persons on 5th November and Atakjeh four persons on 6th November 2021.

Other villages that were attacked are Makomurum, four persons on 7th November, Zamawon, person on 7th November, Magata, one person on 9th November, Mayii mashing, one person on 10th November, Mashang, one person on 11th November and Sako, one person on 12th November, 2021.

The statement further explained that most of the killings were all accompanied by untold and incalculable economic and other losses that run in billions of Naira since the beginning of the genocide, including the destruction of residential houses.

The statement stated that the allegation Agwatyap (Atyap paramount ruler) and Atyap elders were the sponsors of the attempted attacks is clearly an attempt to give a dog a bad name in order to hang it.

According to ACDA, “We wish to state that we have been pursuing peace and will continue to do so until absolute peace is restored in our land.”

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