Ashling Murphy: Devastating empty chair and fiddle tribute to woman killed while jogging


A devastating tribute was paid to a young woman who was murdered while out jogging in Ireland.

Irish police are continuing to hunt for the killer of Ashling Murphy who was found dead on Wednesday after going for a run on the banks of the Grand Canal in Cappincur, Tullamore.

In The Late Late Show’s tribute to Ashling, traditional Irish musicians joined together to celebrate their music and memorialise the primary school teacher, RSVP reports.

Mike Hanrahan from Stockton’s Wing, Beoga’s Niamh Dunne, Dara and Mick Healy from Boxing Banjo, Bridín, Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh and Séamus and Caoimhe Ui Fhlatharta were present in the musical sessions.

Many people pointed out a touching part of the tribute with a chair holding a fiddle and bow dedicated to Ashling, who “absolutely loved her fiddle”.

One person wrote: “The empty chair for Aisling is both devastating and beautiful.”

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Ashling Murphy who was found dead on Wednesday after going for a run
Ms Murphy was a primary school teacher who worked at Durrow National School

A second viewer said: “The empty chair for Aisling is beautiful but heartbreaking. Ireland united in grief for its devastating loss.”

A third commenter shared: “Powerful soothing soulful traditional music and song on The @RTELateLateShow tonight to remember, celebrate and offer sympathies for the beautiful life of Ashling Murphy that was taken so senselessly.

“The fiddle on the empty chair was such a poignant image.”

Those who watched the moving performances shared how heartbreaking the programme was.

Musicians play as hundreds of people attend a vigil in memory of Ashling Murphy in Belfast

One RTE viewer said: “Beautiful & moving musical tribute to Ashling Murphy on the #Latelateshow. Heartbreaking to see empty chair with fiddle.”

A second person wrote: “The empty chair & fiddle is truly heartbreaking. Rest in Peace Ashling Murphy”.

Attracta Brady, who was Ms Murphy’s first fiddle teacher, played alongside other sombre performers at a vigil on Friday evening.

“She was the most beautiful girl inside and out,” Ms Brady said.

A photograph of Ashling Murphy among flowers and candles at a make-shift shrine during a vigil in her memory at Leinster House, Dublin

“She was a parent’s dream. She was everything you’d want in a daughter. She had integrity, she was honest, she was trustworthy. She was quirky and a little bit cheeky sometimes with the loveliest smile and she’d get away with it because she had this beautiful twinkly smile.

“She was never in bad humour, she was always smiling and she absolutely loved her fiddle.

“Her parents only told me yesterday that she never had to be told to practice.

“She was bright and energetic and everybody loved her.”

Many around the country have paid tribute to Ashling

Police arrested a man following the attack, although he has since been released and is no longer a suspect in the case, the Irish Mirror reports.

Officers yesterday announced that a new suspect has been identified and a new line of inquiry is being followed.