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Who We Are

What we do

In our society today, unstable Marriages, Broken homes and Divorces seems to be the order of the day; Thinking about this norm, we fashioned out a way that if only people could get it right in the time of courtship/dating, then things might just go the right way.

Henzyword Blog addresses Relationship issues as relates not just to dating and marriage but also on how we communicate to the society and world at large to make it a better place for us all.

Our post satisfies your loneliness, despairs and fixes that issue you have in your relationship and marriage.

Our News updates informs you about important happenings in the world and around your environment.

We give you the opportunity to interact and socialize, making your relationship sweeter with our day to day tips on simple relationship solutions we tend to ignore.

We are a pointer to make that relationship/marriage alive again.

Here at Henzyword we Inspire and Motivate our guests/followers to enable them “Speak the Word and Act the Word” decisively in the right way.

What we do

Extraordinary Experiences

From our years of experience, we have saved many relationships and marriages which are on the verge breakage through our various form of medium.

Marriages which are looking for fruit of womb.

Relationship which are full of cheat and lies

Saving some persons who wanted to commit suicide.

Still counting on…

Saving lives is our utmost priority and we find joy in helping people to be a better person.

Our Core Values


Here in Henzyword, we envisage a world with great human relationship thus making it peaceful and livable for everyone; With our educative writeups and posts, we hope to:

  • Promote healthy relationships between spouses, lovers and friends; and teach them to crave each other’s company always
  • To build the right communication standards to help individuals live peacefully with one another thus making the world a better place
  • To entertain and inform readers with latest authentic news about happenings in the world

Services We Render

Catering services
Information Technology Services
Advertising and Digital Marketing
Counselling Services

At Henzyword, we offer a range of services, ranging from relationship blogging, News, Fashion tips, Relationship Counselling and substance abuse, and also tips on the latest information telecommunication Gadgets you can get your hands on. We provide Counselling sections for those in dire need of intervention therapy.

You can also advertise your goods and services with Henzyword.We provide Ads space for people whom would want to advertise their products with us and ensure their ads reaches a broader audience. Because we know how difficult it is starting up a business we ensure we give you the necessary ad coverage to help give you that start up edge.